About Us

Beehive & Beyond is the designer and master distributor of the Beehive brand of cellular accessories. Beyond the Beehive brand, we also offer high quality, non-branded products. Our company is located on Long Island, NY, and our products are designed in America. We have an established and growing list of customers consisting of distributors, wholesalers, retailers and wireless dealers. Our customers have locations in, and outside, the United States of America. Our company is ready, and able, to handle all size orders, including drop shipment services. Most orders are shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 business days. Small orders can be shipped same day if received before 12 noon EST. In a very short time, we have nurtured loyal relationships with our customers. We have a desire to educate our customers on what is hot and what’s happening in the market. We know what consumers want. You can expect excellent customer service with a highly educated and professional sales team that can meet all your needs and answer your questions. Please email us, with questions, ideas, or concerns at beehivesales16@gmail.com. Beehive & Beyond is dedicated to our customers’ growth and success. Our #1 priority is to provide all customers, who purchase Beehive brand accessories, with a high quality, durable, and stylish product.


Beehive & Beyond Management